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IoT Agile Delivery Lead - RS Industria


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Brand:  RS
Function:  Digital & Technology
Work Location: 

IoT Agile Delivery Lead – RS Industria

UK London




Job Description –

Key Accountabilities

  • Protect the team so they can be focussed on achieving their goals
  • Ensure impediments are anticipated, addressed, owned & resolved by yourself or the team
  • Be able to manage the backlog, as well as the different ceremonies around each sprint.
  • Ensure the sprint goal is deliver and the Definition of Done & Definition of Ready are successfully meet.
  • Create a safe environment and constructively manage conflict in the team
  • Drive for a level of self-organisation and autonomy within the team
  • Identify actual or emerging anti-patterns and support the team to remove or avoid. Be accountable for the direct intervention and appropriate escalation where needed.
  • Create the metrics needed to be able to improve the ways of working including the sprint planning estimation, the capacity of the team



About the role

The vision is to empower teams to deliver increasingly more value, sooner with less work. The purpose is that by using agile principles, values, and mindset, we work hard to create an environment of autonomy, mastery and purpose where teams can unlock their high performing potential to solve customers’ problems. The focus of the role is working directly as a Scrum Master with individual teams (10-15 people) where you will continually improve the ways of working and environment in order that the team/s can perform at their best to deliver value and quality to the customer. You should have excellent knowledge of the scrum framework, with all its artifacts and techniques. You’ll also need the ability to coordinate people and projects (occasionally facilitating changes) with your mind set on deliverables. If you’re a strong communicator, a capable leader and you’re invested in Agile frameworks, we’d like to meet you.

Main responsibilities are:

  • Coordinate sprints, retrospective meetings, and daily stand-ups
  • Coach team members in Agile frameworks
  • Facilitate internal communication and effective collaboration
  • Be the point of contact for external communications (e.g., from customers or stakeholders)
  • Resolve conflicts and remove obstacles that occur
  • Ensure deliverables are up to quality standards at the end of each sprint
  • Guide development teams to higher scrum maturity
  • Help build a productive environment where team members ‘own’ the product and enjoy working on it


Also, we want you to be responsible for planning, leading, organising, and motivating the agile teams to achieve a high level of performance and quality in line with programme standards. You will also be responsible for software delivery using agile methods in a fast-paced environment that may cross multiple business divisions.


As well as the technical aspects of the role you will also be expected to manage agile teams on a daily basis or as required; assist in team development while holding teams accountable for their commitments, removing roadblocks to their work; leveraging organisational resources to improve capacity for project work; responsibility for ensuring team members track their time using the appropriate in-house system; and mentoring and developing team members. You will be part of the wider Agile Practice, where you will drive initiatives in line with our purpose to continually improve agility across the Technology department and the wider enterprise.


A bit about you


Leaders in Electrocomponents lead a culture where people are:

  • Customer and supplier obsessed
  • Highly engaged and ambitious
  • Stripping out barriers to execution
  • Creating fresh ideas and new markets
  • Delivering on promises – making it happen
  • Driven by outcome, with fully-aligned objectives Therefore, to do that I: Show Passion: I connect deeply with others – colleagues, customers, and suppliers


Share my aspirations. I am transparent and honest. I act and communicate with integrity

Collaborate with others, so together we thrive and transform our business Act with Humility: I enable others to ask, ‘what if’, and do amazing things

Listen to understand diverse views, as I don’t have all the answers

Empower others to try new, exciting things; and challenge limiting beliefs. Sometimes we fail, but we do it together and we learn Demonstrate Trust: I lead by example, align others around ambitious goals, and check in regularly

Commit to and am accountable for two or three key priorities; and I deliver on them. I join the dots for people across matrix teams, give them ownership, and make sure we always know how we are doing


About RS Industria:

RS Industria is a new cloud-based IoT data-collection & reporting service that simplifies the connection of existing sources of manufacturing asset data, such as vibration sensors, PLCs, SCADA systems & utility meters.

Factories are full of data, but much of it is unused. Our simple three-stage process captures and integrates this data into a single point of condition monitoring insight, complete with asset health alerts.


Useful Experience

  • Excellent communication and servant leadership skills
  • Problem-solving and conflict-resolution ability
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Significant experience of being a Scrum Master in a client facing team, successfully implementing software development projects using agile methodologies, managing projects of medium size and complexity in a high-tech development environment with cross functional teams.
  • Sufficient level of technical background to provide highly credible leadership to teams and to evaluate complex project risks and issues accurately and objectively.
  • Interpersonal & relationship building skills, able to work across functions, geographies, and cultures.
  • Ability to promote empowerment of the team, ensuring each team member is fully engaged in the project and making a meaningful contribution, and encouraging a sustainable pace with high[1]levels of quality for the team.
  • Demonstrable experience of skilled and compelling facilitation using various techniques in the context of a team or other groups within an organisation.
  • Desirable:
  • Certified Scrum Master or equivalent Kanban accreditation e.g., Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) or Professional Scrum Master Level 2 (PSM2).



RS Group Brands:  RS, Allied Electronics & Automation, RS PRO, OKdo, DesignSpark, IESA, Synovos, Needlers and Liscombe.


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